We have all your Advertising Needs covered

The FoxRadio Group of stations combined with the latest digital technologies of our ShoppersEdge program, can provide you with diverse, highly targetable advertising capabilities, covering a wide social demographic.  With the power of FoxRadio, and its reach into a population in excess of 500,000, we have all your advertising needs covered.  Add our ShoppersEdge mobile program, it's built in loyalty club to the mix, and you have the ability to directly reach your customers, One on One.  No other advertising program anywhere combines the power of Radio with the power of mobile texting, and smartphone apps to drive customers directly to your business.

Each FoxRadio station serves a specific demographic letting us help you reach your target customers.  With our HOT AC station reaching women 25-54, our Oldies Station with a target demo of Persons 35+, and our Hot Dance Station talking to Young Adults 18-35. As we said we have it all covered.  

Click the station logos to find out more about each of our stations and how they can fill your advertising needs.

Looking for one of our coveted sponsorship programs?  Check out the FoxRadio Online Store, where we have the latest availabilities, and make it easy for your to lock in your preferred sponsorship.

FoxRadio and our knowledgeable marketing team can help answer any of your advertising questions.  Just click the contact link for more information.





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